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I have managed events, set-up and run live shows, played in bands, DJed parties, weddings and shows. I have created several demos and short albums for friends and with my own groups. I also own mixing and recording equipment and software.

  • Linfield Activities Board A/V coordinator (1 year), technician (1 year).
    (managing for events, set-up and monitoring PAs for: touring rock groups, battle of the bands, canned music, music synched events.)
  • Organized and ran several small music festivals.
  • Several rock bands... playing, engineering, recording, tracking, mixing, editing, mastering and live production.
  • Similar work for solo music projects.
  • Mixing music for cheerleading routines, theatre prodcutions and Linfield Hall of Fame Award Banquet.
  • Electronic songwriting.
  • Djing, recording and mixing for college radio, live as well as prepared features.
  • Training: music and technology, music theory, sight singing, vocal, guitar.