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Iíve been creating websites for over ten years. I provide graphic design, programming, database technology, usability consideration, online marketing and research, and a focus on your purpose for developing an internet presence.

  • First Web site age 14, first dot com age 16
  • Dynamic web development, style/design, and database, UI/UX
  • Site user administration
  • Dept. of Computer Science B.S. Degree
  • Database architecture design
  • Highly modular web design: data, style, graphic design, and function
  • Consulting positions
  • Remodeling to enable easy redesign
  • Projects: e-bay like school supply buy/sell system, UW Experimental College, online community engine from scratch, band websites, etc.
  • Online editor of college newspaper
  • Teaching dreamweaver workshops as lecture and one-on-one
  • System documentation on the business samples page
  • Web site tutorial: jklHTML (created ~ age 16)