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GET your ART online...

Get the basic skills to put your artwork online without compromising your aesthetic sensibilities. Use this course to enter a new medium, market your talent, and advertise shows or your work. You should have a solid background in your own artistic expression and have a goal for online presence. We'll transition your art into site design, learn some HTML/CSS, free services, and self-publishing techniques. Youíll end the course with a site uploaded online.
Register soon online at EXCO.ORG

Programming for the WWWeb...

This course provides students a bridge into making their sites: more interactive, dynamic content driven, inclusive of new media, provide service(s), and/or allowing user content. Students are assumed to have a solid grasp of all basic web coding and at least some graphical skills. The course will cover: code options, file structure, syntax, taking advantage of free services as platforms, XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, RSS/XML, PHP, mySQL and empowering group Web management. Students will end the course with a project for the web enhancing their existing web presence.