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Why have I chosen to create a digital portfolio?
Without a single traditional discipline it's necessary for me to digitally represent my skills and schooling; this is my current attempt. I'm not exactly a coder, marketer, journalist, graphic designer, project manager, webmaster or system admin, but I'm kind of all of them.

How is this combination of skills relevant?
People either think this is a great idea or just don't get it. I imagine since you're viewing this you have some idea. In my humble opinion, all of these skills are valuable and aggregating them is even more so. I've taken a risk to get here but I'm confident in the choice. I like to think I have scalability; small firms can use my skills to cover a lot of needs and large companies can use the broad perspective to manage more specific tasks. If I don't have the particular skill, I at least know what is possible and the interplay within each field... and I'm always learning.

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