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As you surf the web you may ask yourself what are you really looking at. Why do sites look the way they do? Why do sites do what they do? And more importantly how are they made?

Sites are created by all kinds of people, for all kinds of reasons; from personal sites, established businesses, dot com start-ups, to government offices and schools. The web is filled with interesting places to go, and millions of people's creations. This site will help you understand better how HTML and web design determine what you see on your browser. Many elements go into page design. Code can be ten times the length of the actual text, images, and other content you view.

Most resources for HTML and web design are concentrated on teaching or as a resource. Most are use jargon and are not easy to follow. This site can be used as a resource for the more experienced, or as an all out tutorial for the beginner. I believe that this guide offers you better availability to tags, and a simple explanation of each. Be sure to try things out as you go along. Experience and experimentation is vital to learning HTML.

Apart from this guide you should use the entire web as a resource. Every site you visit is a wealth of HTML information (a poorly organized HTML encyclopedia). Most of the web is borrowed or invented by trying. So try it out!

Let me know if this site helped you... email me ...thanks.
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