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content (major element)
The first and most important design element is content. You MUST provide a reason for visiting your site. No one will visit a site that can be completely described as filler. This also means that your site must present content so that the user recognizes it and can use it.
Some main examples of content are: software downloadable from your site, information and other written text, online programs (chat rooms, games, ect.), images or other archives, or online purchase capability. Content is the specific reason that someone would browse your site.

filler (its relative minor)
The second major feature of web design is filler. It sounds odd, but the fact is that internet surfers need filler. This element creates a feeling that the site offers many services. In addition it fills your pages making them look better. Filler does not have to be useless. It still must be content, just less widely accessed. It is also key to present filler as such. The user should know what is filler and what is more important content so that they can avoid it without actually having to investigate.

navigation (major element)
The next element is navigation. A clear and simple form of navigation is crucial to keep a website user friendly. Many sites scatter links throughout their content. This is helpful to allow a user to explore as they read, but menus and navigation are extremely important. There are many ways to present links to the areas of your site, use the web to check out the common methods already in use.
To keep navigation useful, it is wise to present your website as separated into clear and specific sections. It is vital that a user has the control and knowledge to get wherever they want whenever they want, within your site. Another note: when it comes to navigation redundancy is ok.

congruency (its relative minor)
Within the other elements, another must be kept in mind- congruency. Your pages need to look similar, as if from a template. In order to keep someone at your website they need to know where they are. Keeping things looking similar will keep users interested and focused on the part of the page that has changed to provide them with requested information.

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